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Lemon Tart Pucker

 A Citrusy Treat from Head of Honey

Head of Honey
Head of Honey is one of the most popular cannabis concentrate brands here at Life Flower Dispensary. Their unique strains and terpene profiles fuels a constant demand for their products on our shelves. Head of Honey is handcrafted at over 8,000 feet of elevation right here in the center of Colorado. They are a family owned and operated company with immense attention to detail and unparalleled passion for quality. Head of Honey checks every box on our list of what makes a concentrate great, from the packaging, flavor, aroma, and effects.

This Lemon Tart Pucker is an impeccably tasty strain with delightful sativa effects. A cross between Lemon G13 and Dough Dawg (Animal Cookies x Stardawg), it’s a terpene-rich strain with gorgeous bud structure currently being cultivated by 710 Labs, another OG brand in the cannabis concentrate community. Head of Honey’s concentrated form of this strain produces huge diamonds swimming in a sweet pool of golden full-spectrum sauce. It smells like Lemon Pinesol and leaves a sweet, earthy flavor upon the exhale. It’s Stardawg lineage also gives a slight diesel nuance on the nose, adding to the forest like pine aroma. Make sure you try and utilize a lower temperature upon dabbing in order to experience the full flavor profile of this strain.
Lemon Tart Pucker is a great social strain. While it initially brings on a smooth and mellow high, you will notice more upbeat and euphoric effects begin to creep up on you. It’s perfect for a day off while doing something active or a weekend get together with friends. At 57.31% THC, you will notice a potent cerebral high while still being able to hold a completely functional and intelligent conversation. While some sativas tend to dull your train of thought, these unique sativa strain diamonds provide a very stimulating and thought-provoking high.
Want to try some for yourself? Head on over to Life Flower Dispensary open late at 4966 Leetsdale Dr, or give us a call at (720) 389-7442 to make sure we have some in stock! Our store is open daily from 8am-11:45pm