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The Perfect Remedy for a Cold Winter Day! THC Infused Teas from Stillwater Brands is at Life Flower Dispensary in Denver & Glendale! Stop by Life Flower Dispensary get amazing teas!

Written By: Melissa Joy
Published: February 2, 2018

We love everything about these delicious THC-infused teas from Stillwater Brands. The flavor, the pristine packaging, and the low-dosage makes this the perfect way to medicate, alleviate, and elevate. Each tea stick contains a mere 2.5mg of THC and CBD, just enough to invigorate your body and stimulate your senses. The Blissful Black Tea, sourced from the Assam region in India, has a nice caffeinated kick and is a great way to start the day. Feel free to add a splash of almond milk and pinch of sugar for an extra tasty treat. The Gentle Green Tea (Life Flower’s staff favorite!) is sourced from the Darjeeling region in India, and has a low caffeine amount, making it ideal as a lunchtime or afternoon pick me up. The Mellow Mint Tea is straight from Egypt, and is totally caffeine free! This Stillwater tea is the perfect flavor to help you unwind and relax after a long day. We believe that tea and cannabis are both known for their medicinal and healing properties, so why not get the best out of both worlds? Each flavor is made from an organically-sourced, biodynamic, fair trade, family-owned Indian tea farm, and is infused with CO2-extracted, distilled cannabis oil.

Make sure you stop by Life Flower Dispensary and try all three of our amazing THC infused teas! We also carry Stillwater’s Ripple packets, a calorie-free, taste-free, odor-free form of dissolvable THC. Ripple gives you the power to turn any drink, snack, or meal into an edible with precise and accurate dosing. You can also use Ripple to increase the THC and CBD amount in your Stillwater Tea! Please feel free to give us a call our Glendale, Denver location at (720) 389-7442 with any questions about Stillwater Brand products!

By Melissa Joy

By Melissa Joy

Melissa grew up and attended college in the suburbs of Chicago before moving to Denver five years ago. Her love for live music led to a blogging position with a production company, which eventually led to a part-time writing position for DOPE Magazine, where she has contributed for over a year now. You can most likely find her taking dabs in the mountains on the weekends, smoking joints at a concert, or longboarding around Denver in search of the headiest craft brews. Melissa is thrilled to be a writing correspondent for Life Flower Dispensary, because it’s one of the few dispensaries in Denver she can always count on for clean, organic, hand-crafted cannabis.