Live Resin for Sale in Denver

Life Flower Dispensary offers a wide selection of live resin for sale to Denver residents and visitors, but before you take a look at the medical and recreational cannabis menus to find the batch you’re looking for, discover the secrets to extracting quality resin!

Live Resin

Live Resin extractions are concentrates made from freshly harvested cannabis. They are cryogenically frozen to subcritical temperatures soon after harvesting and then cured for flavor and quality preservation. Through this process, live resin achieves a robust terpene concentration, which is the reason this concentrate is so popular. The terpenes that stay within the live resin extractions give the concentrate a powerful effect, a distinct flavor, and a potent aroma.

The Freezing Process

Immediately after harvest, the plant is flash frozen to begin the live resin process. The freezing process preserves more of the oils and terpenes that are present in the plant when it is alive and allows for the live resin to be extracted into the finished product. Freezing stops the metabolic process and prevents degradation of the plant material, which prevents drying and oxidation.


Curing is the process of slowly drying out a bud to preserve as many of the oils, cannabinoids and terpenes (the things that give bud flavor) as possible. Because the plant is frozen so quickly, there is still a large quantity of those elements sealed within the frozen cannabis, and the live resin extraction process is more effective and truer to the selected strain.


For high quality live resin extractions, it is important to develop an effective balance of strain-selection, temperature in the freezing process, and pressure in the curing process. Perfectly cured cannabis has some moisture, is potent, and has a smooth flavor true to its strain. A poorly cured bud will be harsh, less potent, and will smell like hay.

Since it is one of the most full-flavored, complex concentrates around, Live Resin has been given the well-deserved title of “The Champagne of Concentrates.” Because of that, the team at Life Flower dispensary invites you to try this top-notch cannabinoid by exploring our selection of medical and recreational live resin extractions & concentrates that are for sale in our Denver location.

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