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Written By: Laiah Walsh
Published: March 21, 2019

Organic Cannabis

Choosing a health-conscious lifestyle is more than just a trend. People are making mindful diet decisions and paying closer attention to where our food comes from,
but Can we can say the same for cannabis users when it comes to choosing flower?

Non-Organic Cultivating
Unfortunately, the purity of your flower is not always guaranteed, especially when comparing organic weed to non-organic. Many companies are mainly concerned with mass production and profit, rather than the health of their plants and the environmental damage non-organic growing methods cause. Pesticides and fertilizers have become so normalized that people rarely consider the impact these growing methods have.

There is overwhelming evidence that some of the chemicals prevalent in agricultural pesticides pose high health risks, as well as unwanted side effects to the environment. The Department of Agriculture does its best to regulate, but pesticides can perform or react differently when burned, so it’s hard to guarantee safety in a product that is ultimately smoked. Life Flower Dispensary’s CEO & Owner, John Niforos, takes these chemicals very seriously as he experienced headaches from smoking non-organic cannabis when he was younger. Unlike organic weed, non-organic cannabis grown with chemicals and pesticides has been known to cause headaches, hangovers, and greater burn in the throat and lungs. John explains that organic cannabis contains nutrients that yield healthier plants, which ultimately give higher concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes, and a superior smoking experience. Once he started cultivating and buying exclusively organic cannabis, he reported immediate relief from his headaches. Cannabis users should be confident that the flower they’re smoking is safe, healthy and free of unwanted chemicals and additives.


The Life Flower Standard

For flower to be considered up to the Life Flower Dispensary standard, it must be grown from our own seed stock created mindfully in house, without using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. At Life Flower Dispensary, we exclusively carry organic flower and all of our power comes from green sources. Our Medicinal flower is grown at the Life Flower Grow in Boulder, Colorado and has been operating since 2010, so our experience has refined the system quite a bit.

We have always tried our best to be conscious about the pesticides and fertilizers we use, but have experienced deceit from grow suppliers in the past. Companies are not always 100% honest or transparent about the chemicals used in their products and it can have a negative trickle-down effect on the flower we produce. We learned through a Pesticide Violation in the early stages of our company, that it is critical to deeply research and test anything that makes contact with our flower, because without quality assurance, a company can put its entire grow in jeopardy. After the pesticide violation we experienced, we pay a tremendous amount of attention to what we use to protect our plants and which companies we can trust.

“We pride ourselves on the clean and natural way we grow our plants and believe that organic cultivating makes our flower more flavorful & aromatic.” -CEO & Owner of Life Flower Dispensary, John Niforos

There are alternative approaches for plant quality- Pesticides are used to get rid of harmful pests and prevent the growth of molds and mildew in cannabis, but there are natural, cleaner ways to ensure the safety of the plant. Life Flower Grow uses several different predatory bugs to avoid spraying our plants with chemical pesticides. Ladybugs make for amazing pest control to rid plants of pests like aphids and spider mites, without diminishing the ultimate quality of the flower.

While organic cultivation methods may be more expensive for us at Life Flower Grow, it’s all worth it when we see the high quality, organic bud we’re able to produce. Organic cannabis users report a higher concentration of trichomes and more potent effects due to nutrient-rich soil structure, which allows plenty of room for roots to grow and absorb nutrients. When a growing environment has healthy, organic soil, cannabis flowers produce an abundance of aromatic terpenes and therapeutic cannabinoids.

John guarantees quality by maintaining his vision throughout the entire company, “At Life Flower Dispensary, we exclusively buy from people who are like-minded.”
When it comes to bodily health and the impact we have on our environment. we only carry products from companies who practice the same values we do.

From environmental considerations to ultimate product quality, the choice to grow organic weed vs non-organic has a full spectrum of benefits.
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