What Are the Side Effects of Edibles?

June 1, 2021

Side Effects of Edibles

Edibles are becoming far more mainstream than ever before, with countless dispensaries selling them to customers looking for an alternative means to inhaling cannabis products such as flower or resin. But what are the side effects of edibles? Before we look at what you can expect when you take one, let’s start by identifying what an edible is, how it works, how much to take, what benefits you can expect, and ultimately, what cannabis edibles side effects you should be aware of before engaging.

Cannabis Edibles Side Effects FAQs

  • What Are Edibles?

    Cannabis edibles can be gummies, chocolates, or other candy-type eats that contain THC, CBD, or a combination of both. They can take many forms, but essentially edibles represent any individual food product that contains active cannabis. In the past, this usually just meant brownies or other baked goods, but now, we have an extensive variety to choose from!

  • How Do They Work?

    Manufacturers and producers extract oil from cannabis plants in order to capture the flavor, aroma, and chemical compounds that cause positive reactions with the brain. When you eat an edible, it passes through your system where your body extracts the naturally occurring cannabinoids (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol known as THC, and cannabidiol, known as CBD) into your bloodstream. In the case of THC, psychoactive effects will be achieved and give you a buzzed or “high” feeling, while with CBD, the effects aren’t as noticeable – but they play a very different role. CBD is often used by many to combat pain, stress, and other ailments, while there is more of a recreational goal with THC.

  • What Are the Side Effects of Edibles?

    THC edibles side effects can include things like a dry, pasty mouth, dry, red eyes that may be somewhat itchy, increased appetite (perhaps for unusual food combinations), lightheadedness, mild anxiety, sleepiness, and even excessive sedation. For the most part, the experience is enjoyable, but you should always start small and work your way up as everyone has different tolerance levels and can experience different cannabis edible side effects. If you’re taking edibles on a regular basis, you could also notice a lack of motivation or periods of lethargy shortly after you consume one. Ultimately, THC edibles side effects aren’t difficult to manage, and in most cases, you’ll just need a glass of water and a full fridge.

  • How Do You Know How Much to Take?

    Start small and move up with time. Because edibles are consumed, the cannabinoids take longer to enter your bloodstream than if you were to inhale them or drop them under your tongue as with a tincture or oil. Some may be able to handle a full gummy right away, while it might be necessary for others to split it up into quarters and play it safe to get the full, desirable effect.

  • What Are the Benefits of Edibles?

    Concrete proof hasn’t yet been obtained for the effectiveness of edibles in working for any one ailment, however many people have taken them specifically to combat chronic pain, anxiety, joint discomfort, inflammation, sleep disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other similar ailments. The extracted cannabis oil that goes into edibles should be completely pure and unaltered so that you’ll get a completely natural and organic result.

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