6 Best Life Flower Cannabis Strains

May 17, 2021

6 best cannabis strains

“What’s your favorite strain?” A question as old as time–the question we dread hearing because it means we have to choose our favorite child right on the spot. Does anyone actually pick a favorite child? Well we, the Life Flower Crew, picked our 6 favorite children for you and called it a day. I can’t lie, things got heated. We all chose our fighters and ultimately decided these won out with the best highs.

You’re surely wondering what factors we took into consideration during this intense process, so here’s our list along with how we decided.

The 6 best flower strains to grace Life Flower’s deli-style weed jars:

Sour Pie Cannabis Strain

1. Sour Pie
A cross between Sour/OG/cookies? cross grown by Fleurasian Farms.

This strain is extremely pungent and flavorful with hints of sweet and sour. It’s a great balance of indica and sativa, packed with a heavy high. We decided its unique aromas and flavors of gas and dessert put this one at the top of the list for ultimate smokes. It’s large, airy buds make for a smooth exhale that never feels harsh on the lungs.

2. GMO
GMO is a potent indica dominant hybrid, being a cross between Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies.

GMO is such a sweet and flavorful smoke with aromas known for smelling like Garlic, Mushroom & Onions! I mean really, can you beat those flavor profiles?! The Life Flower crew agrees this one is like smoking a pizza, which likely descends from its chemdawg lineage. This strain is known for its super euphoric and happy high, perfect for those looking for a little time to relax and de-stress.

3. Dirty Taxi
Dirty Taxi is the ultimate MVP on our shelf– you can’t go wrong with this strain grown by the Lipan Group, and we’re one of the few dispensaries lucky enough to carry it!

This sativa dominant strain is the nice flower you smoke with your out of town friends, or show off to the guy who consistently pulls up with incredible exotic strains. “It’s the best Dirty Taxi you’ll ever smell. Can’t explain it, you just have to try it.”

4. Ghost Puck
Ghost Puck is a legendary indica dominant strain with huge buds that hold shades of green, purple and orange.

Its skunky aroma packs a heavy, relaxed high. If you’re looking for the “couch-lock, I’m not going anywhere” type of day– this earthy strain is for you. It’s extremely smooth and flavorful on the exhale, with no harsh bowls. Be on the lookout for this one hitting the shelves, it goes quick!

5. Kush Mints
Kush Mints, grown by Humble Farms, is a cross of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints.

It smells like a fresh bakery and the flavor profile is like snacking on a box of thin mints Girl Scout Cookies! Interestingly enough, it’s said to stimulate appetite. So to be safe, we suggest acquiring a box of thin mints for the enhanced experience. Its high packs an instant mood booster with a unique, rich taste. This strain is known to put its users down for the count, so it may not be your “get-shit-done” type of high.

6. Alaskan Thunder Fuck
This legendary sativa dominant strain is said to have originated in the valleys of Alaska.

It’s known for its sparkling, trichome-covered buds that hit you with a strong scent of pine and lemon. It’s an extremely potent strain and is a jar we all use to show off to our sativa-loving customers. This strain packs a “cerebral, in-your-face” high that could inspire adventures and creativity for a fun-filled day. We describe this smoke as chemically sweet and uplifting, a definite must-try at Life Flower Dispensary.

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