Best Ways to Store Weed

June 28, 2021

Best Ways to Store Weed

While some may find that their main problem is ordering enough weed, others often wonder how long their products will keep and the best ways for storing weed to ensure that the quality will be maintained over the long term. Simply put, marijuana storage matters because both quality and potency can change and degrade over time if the proper storage conditions aren’t met. There’s a lot of talk about freezing, keeping it in jars, finding the right temperature, etc. and we’d like to set the record straight so that you have the information you need to keep your precious pot ready for action at all times..

How Long Can You Store Cannabis?

The type of strain that you buy will impact the length of time that you can store your weed without it losing potency. The higher the THC, the longer it will remain potent enough to utilize, while lower potency flower will deplete much faster. As the THC breaks down and CBN is created in its place, you may also notice that the effects change and become more sedating. So, while you can store marijuana for several years in the right conditions, it’s important to take THC loss into account so that you know what to expect when you go to reach for it.

What Are the Best Conditions for Storing Weed?

Studies have shown that marijuana storage is most efficient at a relative humidity of 55% to 62%. This means that in terms of flavor and potency, your flower will perform its best when the right amount of moisture is present. You should always store flower in a dry environment that doesn’t get direct sunlight. The sun will break it down faster and it will lose potency at an increased rate, so storing weed in the sun is never a good idea.

Weed Storage Dos and Don’ts

There are several marijuana storage dos and don’ts that can help you ensure that your weed stays fresh and enjoyable for as long as you need it.


Keep your marijuana in glass mason jars and add a humidity control pack to keep it moist and ready. Boveda® packs are great for this and there are different humidity levels that you can buy. Store your flower in cool, dark areas where they are protected from any sunlight or excess heat.


Don’t keep your weed in the freezer! When marijuana is frozen, the trichomes become dry and can break off which will leave you without the array of flavors. To prevent drying out, don’t keep it in tin containers, either, as too much oxygen can enter and degrade the THC levels. Oh, and forget about sandwich bags, too – static inside the bag will damage the trichomes.

What Types of Materials Are Best for Marijuana Storage?

Stick to glass, or use metal and wood with caution. The important part is to ensure that you have an airtight space that can be humidity-controlled for best results. You can also purchase humidors that will give you more control over your marijuana storage conditions.

Choose Life Flower Dispensary

Storing weed isn’t difficult as long as you follow a few tried and tested tips, and you can enjoy your flower for as long as you want without feeling like you need to use it all quickly. Life Flower Dispensary can provide you with numerous strains of high-quality medical and recreational marijuana as well as storage solutions, so be sure to check out our store or get in touch with us to find out more!