710 Dab Day Celebration Denver

Join Life Flower Dispensary in Celebrating 710!

It’s 2019, and marijuana keeps evolving with new and innovative techniques for manipulating the natural benefits of cannabis. One of the most popular methods right now is in the form of dabs!

710 Dab Day Celebration

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is the art of smoking marijuana through heating cannabis concentrates and inhaling the vapors. To make these concentrates, we extract the most potent elements of cannabis into sticky oils like wax, shatter, and butter, which embody the purest form of marijuana. When smoked safely using organic compounds like the concentrates available at Life Flower Dispensary, dabbing takes on an advanced approach to smoking cannabis that gives smokers an immediate and powerful delivery of the positive cannabinoid effects. Dabbing eliminates the negative aspects of smoking cannabis flower, like the creation of resin and the hot smoke itself, making it a clean alternative with a wide range of benefits that you can’t always get from the standard form of smoking.

So Why Celebrate?

We are all aware of the commonly celebrated 4/20 holiday, but why not celebrate cannabis in its many different forms? With the consistent evolution of natural medicine, we are proud that we are continuing to develop effective techniques to deliver pain relief. Marijuana has so many positive effects, and it is worth noting that these effects can always be improved upon! At Life Flower Dispensary, we are thrilled to offer our customers organic concentrates, and we know that using hash oil and other concentrated forms of marijuana can enhance your cannabis experience to create a better high.

Why 710?

As simple as it sounds, we celebrate the 710 holiday because 710 happens to look like “OIL” when flipped upside down. It seems a little silly, but when you pair a simple holiday history with the purest form of organic cannabis, it all adds up to a day worth celebrating!

When is the Party?

Because of our love for our industry and our customers, we invite Denver and Glendale residents and visitors to join us for a juice bar and barbecue. We will be hosting this event on July 13th and encourage all of our guests to celebrate the choice to live healthy through a natural lifestyle full of organic benefits. Take a break from complicated and come out to Life Flower Dispensary for a celebration of simple!

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