High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts

13th March 2020

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts from Denver's best dispensary

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the naturally occurring essential oils inherent in the marijuana plant which are responsible for the flavor and aroma that contribute heavily to the overall entourage effect (the combined effect of various cannabis compounds working together to produce an overall greater effect). Unfortunately, though, these essential oils are often stripped from the plant and artificially reintroduced in the end stages of the process. Because of that, there is a variety of terpene preservation methods and high terpene full spectrum extraction methods to preserve the distinct components of each strain.

Extraction Methods

Cannabis concentrates can be smoked out of dab rigs, loaded in vape pens, and are the basis of most marijuana edibles. The extraction process used to produce these concentrates commonly starts with the entire cannabis plant, nuggets, shake, stems, or sweet leaf. The plant material is then compacted and processed to extract the cannabinoids.

There are various extraction methods using chemicals such as butane, hexane, or propane, and a chemical free process using CO2. The CO2 extraction process is free of chemicals but exceptionally harsh on terpenes.

If you’re looking to up your knowledge of extractions and want to get your hands on some High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts, then you should check out Life Flower Dispensary, a recreational and medicinal dispensary in Colorado. Not only is Life Flower stocked with a wide array of full spectrum products, but they’re also open until midnight seven days a week. That means that even if it’s late at night, you can expect to get the best quality extracts, right when you want them.

Live Resin:

Live resins are produced using fresh plant material that is flash frozen directly after harvest to create concentrate using a butane extraction process. The goal of live resin is to achieve a concentrate with the full spectrum of the entire plant’s rich terpene and cannabinoid profile present at the moment of harvest. In many live resin processes, the plant terpenes are separated and then reintroduced, resulting in a product that is close to the original plant but not a true HTFSE. Live resin can be consumed using a dab rig, sprinkled over flower and smoked in a pipe, wrapped around a blunt, or in a ready to use live resin cartridge (known as live resin carts) with a vape pen.

concentrates for purches in Denver Colorado

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts:

A full spectrum extract is a cannabis concentrate that preserves the entire cannabinoid content and terpene content of the raw cannabis plant, capturing all of the available compounds from the plant trichomes without altering them. HTFSEs differ from live resin in that the terpenes are not stripped from the plant and reintroduced at the end of the extraction process. When crafting a true HTFSE, none of the natural components found in the original plant are sacrificed, including terpenes, which are the compounds mentioned above which give each cannabis strain its unique flavor and aroma. These extracts can be consumed in the same manner as live resin, including with a vape pen via HTFSE carts.

Life Flower Dispensary is a local Colorado dispensary growing and selling organic cannabis using amended soil and natural-organic components to produce the safest, cleanest, highest quality products available. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible flavor, aroma, potency, and organic quality cannabis products for their medicinal and recreational use. If you’d like to stay up to date on all our special deals, sign up for our newsletter and get the latest on what’s happening at Life Flower Dispensary, your premier Colorado MMJ dispensary in Denver and Glendale.

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