CO2 Oil:
Life Flower Dispensary’s Concentrate Review

19th February 2020

Colorado is the destination for cannabis fandom. People, fascinated with the recreational and medicinal marijuana industry, travel to our state to get away from the stigmas associated with the practice. Our customers have joked about having to smoke in secret, and they find such a relief when they are welcomed into local arms.

There are tons of benefits – from lifestyle patterns to symptom relief – that come from using cannabis, so the fact that so many people are unaware of the many ways you can partake in the use of marijuana is astounding.

In fact, one of the most shocking things that we run into is how few customers are aware of the variety of concentrates available at Life Flower Dispensary. We have full melt, BHO, PHO, bubble hash, budder, shatter, live resin, wax, and more, and the list can be a bit overwhelming for those new to the concentrate-scene.

Because of that, we recommend our cannabis concentrates according to our customers’ specific goals and, often, even offer samples so our guests can try the product before committing to a whole new approach to taking in cannabis.

The Life Flower Dispensary CO2 Oil Syringe

One of our favorite products is the CO2 syringe because of its insanely wide array of applications and the fact that it is unique to our store. Read the review of our CO2 Syringe to learn more!

  • Appearance

    CO2 is a hash oil with a clean extraction method that contributes to a fuller profile and a higher THC content.

  • Applications

    o Some, activated beforehand, are edible
    o All of them (due to low activation temperature), can be used as bowl toppers
    o They can even be used to stabilize and seal joint papers
    o Most use the CO2 hash oil for dabs

  • Smoke Quality & Effect

    Because of the high level of THC and the pure extraction, the high that is produced from dabbing with the CO2 Syringe is well-rounded (closer to traditional flower extracts) rather than front-loaded, as dabs often are. The organic concentrate lends itself to a smooth and flavorful taste that parallels a relaxing and euphoric result.

  • Price & Availability

    The CO2 Oil Syringe has a low price point compared to other standard dab concentrates at only $40-60 including tax, and as one of our favorite products, we almost always have it in stock.

Life Flower Dispensary is open late for Glendale and Denver customers, so you can find this product and a wide variety of cannabis strains, edibles, topicals, and more until midnight all week. We pride ourselves on honest and objective product reviews and look forward to offering more recommendations when you visit our Colorado dispensary!

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