Cannabis Product Recommendations from Our Owner

April 12, 2021

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The owner of Life Flower Dispensary is a cannabis industry OG, a visionary who’s been serving the Colorado community its weed since the 90’s. John Niforos is a passionate grower and consumer of cannabis, living locally in Boulder, Colorado. His vehement drive for clean, bio-grown cannabis is unmatched, which puts our dispensary on the map for carrying the highest quality products in Denver.

Life Flower Dispensary uniquely offers deli-style weed service, where guests are able to look at and smell large jars of over 30 cannabis strains and have it weighed to order, right at the counter.

Many strains on our shelves are cultivated without pesticides and harmful chemicals, all grown in Colorado by a variety of local vendors. While some dispensaries grow their own weed, our large assortment of flower is sourced from a variety of the best growers Colorado has to offer, so we’re guaranteed to meet the needs of our customers.

Life Flower Dispensary opened its doors in 2010 and has transformed over the last 11 years to evolve with the constantly changing cannabis industry. As new growing and curing processes advance to create cleaner products, we expand our offerings to ensure we have everything a guest may be looking for.

That leads me to the question we’ve all been wondering,

What does the owner of Life Flower Dispensary smoke?

What does a bona fide cannabis connoisseur smoke when quality and flavor is a #1 priority?
Some of John’s all-time favorite strains include GMO and Fatso because of their potent mix of garlic and gassy aromas.

We compiled a list of the top 5 products John Niforos chooses on a day-to-day basis. While he does test all of the high-quality products we sell, here is a list of his absolute favorites:

1. Lazercat Live Rosin – private fire, hologram
Lazercat is a premium brand skilled at cultivating the finest hash. With carefully selected pressing temperatures to create an exceptional extract that is light in color, loaded with flavor, and has consistency that is unparalleled in the live rosin market.

2. Lazercat Cartridge – grape cookies, papaya cake 4
Lazercat also makes solventless rosin cartridges now after years of research. These cartridges are filled with 100% solventless hash without any cutting agents.

3. Green Dot Labs BLR Cartridge – Black Label Reserve full spectrum extract
Green Dot Labs’ Black Label extracts represent the ultimate quality, purity and flavor. Their premium vapor cartridges filled with uncut, additive-free single strain live resin are perfect for on-the-go use without sacrificing flavor and quality.

4. CBD Softgelz
Strainz CBD Softgelz are the perfect way to supplement cannabidiol. Each softgel contains 25mg of pure full spectrum cannabidiol extracted from organically grown plants. The outer casing is plant-based and free of preservatives. John incorporates a softgel with his morning routine for a quick way to incorporate CBD into his daily wellness.

5. 710 Labs Live Rosin
710 Labs produces some of the richest flavored, organically fed, small batch cannabis on the planet. They hand select and hunt exotic strains from some of the most renowned breeders in the US. Their rosin is made from the finest spectrum of trichomes to produce a flavorful solventless extract.

6. Peanut butter pet tincture
The last product on John’s list of favorites is the Strainz Petz Tincture we carry, which contains 750mg of CBD per 30mL bottle. This tincture is derived from organically grown plants and does not contain any heavy metals or pesticides. Petz Tincture can easily be added to your dog’s food to add a little peanut butter flavoring for maximum therapeutic effects. John loves giving this tincture to Nalu, the shop mascot, to keep her anxiety at bay and calm her while she’s at the shop.

How Can Life Flower Dispensary Help?

Life Flower Dispensary is proud to offer the greatest selection of organic, local cannabis strains and products. We are open until midnight and offer curbside pickup! Come see us today and discover the best at Life Flower Dispensary.