Wana Gummies: Edible Review

July 22, 2020

Wana Edibles Review

Gone are the days when a consumer’s marijuana edible choices consisted of homemade pot brownies, cookies, tootsie rolls and lollipops. Today’s cannabis landscape has changed drastically, and so have the consumer choices. Marijuana edibles have become big business and for good reason. This method of consuming cannabis gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy marijuana without inhaling tar and resins, making it one of the cleanest ways to consume cannabis.

Wana Edibles have evolved with the times, and the line of cannabis-infused gummies proves it. As demand for recreational cannabis products increases so does the knowledge of the medicinal uses of this natural source of relief. This knowledge along with increasing legalization across the world has more people seeking out cannabis for medicinal purposes. Thus, the demand for cleaner and safer ways to consume cannabis have been expanding. When consumers walk into today’s marijuana dispensaries, they can expect to find dozens of different products.

When it comes to versatile edible products that taste amazing, Wana Edibles are where it’s at. As one of the original Colorado edible manufacturers, the team has mastered the art of developing consistent, fast-acting, made from scratch, vegan gummies. The Wana Gummies are developed with a pectin recipe instead of gelatin, ensuring a perfect texture instead of the rubbery gelatin result and avoiding animal byproducts. They also include all-natural ingredients, including natural sugars instead of mineral oils and artificial ingredients. Plus, rather than relying on a cannabis spray, the Wana Gummies are infused during the cooking process for precise dosing, natural fruity taste, and consistency with each batch.

There are several different flavors of gummies in the Wana edible line of products, and Life Flower Dispensary is pleased to offer a variety of Wana Edible flavors:

Watermelon Gummies

Indica, Hybrid & Sativa Assorted Gummies

Strawberry CBD Gummies 10:1

Mango Sativa Gummies

Blueberry Indica Gummies

No matter which Wana Gummies product you try, you won’t be disappointed. Come on into Life Flower Dispensary and shop for your Wana Gummies products today.

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