Pre-Filled Pax Era Vape Pens & Cartridges

And Where Can I Find Pax Era in Colorado?

Pax Era is a disposable, pre-filled cartridge vape pen with flavorful, sleek, technologically advanced cartridges that offer the best and most efficient cartridge on the market today. Pax Era system uses a proprietary connector that does not work with other systems, but the exceptional quality of the Pax Era components leads most users to look no further for their favorite vape pen. This slim, attractive pen has Bluetooth technology which allows it to connect with your Apple or Android product. This connectivity offers fun options like different color settings for the Pax Era’s light and the ability to adjust the temperature.

Pax Era is a modern vape pen with ease of use, sleek good looks, and total discretion due to its size and slim profile which allows the user to easily cup it in the palm of a hand, an option not available with other standard vaping devices using conventional disposable cartridges. The Pax Era system offers a huge selection of different pods which are crafted to a higher standard than other products currently available. Users won’t have to worry about many of the problems associated with other models on the market such as leaks, clogs, overheating, or burning. Pax Era heats up in just 15 seconds, and your cartridge can be pre-filled with marijuana products like live resin, wax, or dry herb.

The Pax Era offers good battery life and a micro USB port on the bottom of the device provides users with the ability to charge it quickly. You can also quickly see how much life is left in the battery with a quick shake of the device. Pax Era delivery system is considered by many to be the best marijuana cartridge system on the market.

So Where Can I Find Pax Era in Colorado?

You can snag a Pax Era device for the new low price of only $25 at Life Flower Dispensary in Glendale, Colorado. With a device for only $25 that’s not much more than a standard battery, and with the ease and convenience of the Pax Era system, that’s practically a steal.

With its own app, four heat settings and a 10-year warranty, this attractive, easy to use, affordable device is moving Pax Era to the top of the list for many consumers.

Try Pax Era with the Bubba Kush Live Resin Cartridge

Unlike standard vape pen cartridges, live resin vape pen cartridges capture the terpenes in a fresh, clean flavor. The Pax Live Resin Capsule does just that with a sweetness and strength that most vape pen cartridges lack. The high number of terpenes starts with an initial sweet taste and transitions to the complex Bubba Kush flavors to give the Pax Era experience depth. The signature moisture of the Kush family is perfectly translated to the concentrated form, and the versatile Pax Era vaporizes it at the perfect temperature. Regardless of the strain, the climb with a Pax Era Pen is balanced and functional while still delightfully noticeable and long lasting.

Life Flower Dispensary holds our vendors to a very high standard of safety and integrity. We can guarantee that our cartridges contain NONE of the following harmful ingredients: No VG (Vegetable Glycerin), No Vitamin E Acetate, No Vitamin E Oil, No PEG’s (Polythylene Glycol). We select our partners with caution and due diligence. We caution you to never purchase from unlicensed retailers, as you cannot knowingly verify their ingredients. Life Flower stays up to date on the latest research and we will keep you updated as new knowledge becomes available!

The Pax Era’s unmatched comfortable, reliable, and slim style paired with quality disposable cartridges is available at Life Flower Dispensary, open until midnight in Denver and Glendale for your shopping convenience. Located just minutes from downtown Denver and Denver International Airport, the friendly, caring staff at Life Flower Dispensary invites you to visit us for your Pax Era and live resin cartridge needs.

Pax Battery: $25
Distillate Pax Pods: $35 otd
Live Resin Pods: $50 otd (tax included in pricing)
Over 16 different strains to pick from