The Best Marijuana Vaporizers for All Types of People

Whether you’re new to the cannabis vaping scene or a veteran consumer you may be wondering which are the best marijuana vaporizers on the market today. If you don’t know about vaping, it’s not the same as smoking. Inhaling the vapor from a vaping pen or other vaporizing device is a smoother, gentler experience than inhaling smoke — thus the popularity. It has also been suggested that the result of vaping marijuana produces a more intense high than inhaling smoke directly into your lungs. Combine a smoother hit with a stronger high, and you begin to understand the draw (pun intended) of vaping.

There is a lot of information out there, so we have pulled together data from various sources and broken it down into six categories to help you decide which vaporizing device (or devices) are best suited to your vaping needs. We looked at MMJ vaporizers for wax as well as MMJ vaporizers for dry herb, and here is what we found:

Marijuana Vaporizer for Beginners

For Beginners

An excellent choice for beginners is the Pulsar APX vape. Not too expensive and quick to heat up (30 seconds), the battery will last for up to two hours, and the vaporizer can be used with either dry herb or wax. Instead of investing in a product that you aren’t sure you’ll like, the Pulsar APX vape is a perfect way to test out your vaporizer experience.

Green Dot Battery: $11.54

For Flower Enthusiasts

For the best marijuana vaporizer technology combined with water filtration, consumers are turning to devices like The Hydrology9, a mix between water pipe and vaporizer. One of the big benefits of this vaporizing device is the added perk of using less flower to achieve the same effects with a smooth flavor. These units also offer leak protection and space-grade borosilicate glass for a stylized vaporizer that won’t let you down.

For Homebodies

If you like to consume your cannabis at home, you might like a tabletop vaporizer. These devices plug into a wall outlet and are ideal for homebodies. Usually equipped with a bag that fills with vapor, you can indulge at your own pace. These stationary machines are a great choice if you care to share the experience with friends. Tabletop vaporizers are a good example of the most advanced vaporizer technology available. Some top end devices can cost several hundred dollars, so the investment is significant, but the benefits of adjustable, precise temperature control are well worth it for the regular consumer or medical patient, since different terpenes and cannabinoids vaporize at different temperatures.

For Adventurers

If you like to take your flower with you on the go, you might enjoy a portable flower vape with a separate chamber to store your herb. Because they don’t require a plug-in power source but run on a battery, you can take them with you wherever you may roam. Units that offer some level of temperature control are very popular, as they can be turned up or down as needed to get the best experience.

For Concentrate Enthusiasts

If you prefer your cannabis concentrated, a small, battery-powered oil vaporizer is perfect for you, and it won’t break the budget. Portable and discrete, oil vaporizers are the answer for the oil enthusiast on the go. Whether you prefer using a cartridge that doesn’t require loading or unloading product, or you choose a device that can be filled with your own oil, these portable vapes look like a regular pen or stylus. Batteries are not costly and the oil hits smoothly and lasts a long time.

Green Dot Battery: $11.54

MMJ Vaporizers

For Techies

If you like high tech, you’ll love Pax 3, often referred to as “the iPhone of vapes”. It lays claim to the most name recognition among vapes, due to the intuitive user-friendly experience and on its sheer good looks. It’s not only really attractive but also small enough to hide away easily. It’s much more than a pretty device, however; it heats up in 15 seconds, lasts for an hour and a half, and can be used with wax or dry herb. With Bluetooth connectivity and its own app, four heat settings and a 10-year warranty, this is a true techie’s dream vaporizer.

Pax Battery: $28.45

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