Award-Winning Concentrates at Life Flower Dispensary in Glendale

By Jesse Grove
18th November 2017

When the first few cannabis competitions started out there wasn’t a whole lot to judge from other than flower. Things have certainly changed a lot in the last five years. Now, there are multiple judging categories at any marijuana competition or cannabis tournament, encompassing everything from edibles to concentrates. I’m not even going to take a stab at the nuances of judging a concentrate competition, it’s just nice to know that someone has the tolerance to judge those. I can reap the rewards of their judging and look at the results to know which companies are doing the best in town. Companies like One:Eleven and Green Dot have all been making amazing concentrates for years and now through cannabis competitions are finally getting recognition. These concentrates may come from all corners of Colorado, but they share one thing in common, they’re all available at Life Flower Dispensary in Glendale, Colorado. Life Flower focuses on having a variety of concentrates available for both recreational and medicinal users. On their medicinal side, Life Flower has a massive array of concentrates produced from their very own grow. When you produce concentrates with your own flowers you can assure that you’re going to be getting higher quality out in the end. While their recreational side might not have any of their home-grown concentrates on it, it is still loaded with award-winning concentrates from extraction companies around the state. To tell you a little bit more about the concentrates available at Life Flower I’ll go through a few of their top concentrate producers and tell you what makes each special.

Life Flower Concentrates

Always start with the home team, right? Life Flower Concentrates-1Life Flower Dispensary in Glendale’s  selection is specially crafted using their own grow to produce amazing award-winning concentrates. For years now, I’ve known about Life Flower’s amazing oils produced from their product, but I didn’t know as much about their next-level live resins. This year at the 2017 Dope Cup Colorado, Life Flower’s very own Ghost Claim HCFSE won first place in the THC Live Resin category. This is quite the award for a few reasons. The first, and I would dare say biggest, reason that this is such a boon is the sheer popularity of live resins nowadays. Live resins are the most popular concentrate on the shelf this year and that means that the competition for the category was stiff, to say the least. Another thing that made the Dope Cup unique from other competitions is that all the testing was done anonymously. Unlike some other cannabis tournaments that face potentially biased reviews based off of branding and advertising, this year’s Dope Cup was judged fairly off of the merits of the products. Life Flower Dispensary in Glendale now proudly displays their shiny trophy off on the shelf on the medicinal side of the dispensary. Award-winning house-crafted concentrates are just the beginning of what Life Flower has to offer dabbers and concentrate enthusiasts. Their recreational selection includes some of the greatest concentrates in the world. How do you properly supplement award-winning products? With more award-winning products!


One:Eleven is a staple on the shelves at Life Flower Dispensary in Glendale for a very good reason.One:Eleven specializes in crafting solventless concentrates that provide all the potency and effects of a solvent-based extraction without the potential for harmful chemicals like butane to find its way into your lungs. At One:Eleven they know that the secret to producing some of the best concentrates around starts way before the extraction process even begins. In other words, if you put crap in, you get crap out. For this very reason One:Eleven cultivates the grows used to produce their concentrates in an entirely organic manner. This includes using natural fertilizers, certified organic soil, and non-GMO plant supplements. This makes sense, seeing as the company was spawned by an organic potato farmer and an organic cannabis grower, who joined forces to craft some of the best all-natural products the marijuana industry has ever seen. Based down south near the great sand dunes, if you want to get a sample of the organic solvent-less bliss that One:Eleven is bringing to the table, you can pick some up right at Life Flower Dispensary in Glendale.

Green Dot Labs

Green Dot Labs is a phenomenal extraction company based outLife Flower Concentrates-2 of Boulder Colorado. I have a little bit of unique insight into the way they operate their facility after going on a tour of their new digs a couple weeks back. The husband and wife team that started out Green Dot Labs, Dave and Alana, started it out as a way to escape the turmoil of corporate America. Their passion for genetics and encapsulating the entire effects of the plant is a passion that has translated into superior concentrates like dispensary in Glendale. As Dave explained to me the goal of any extraction or production of concentrates at Green Dot is to create a concentrate that fully represents the original genetics. This includes making sure the full terpene profile is present in every concentrate they produce. This process yields some of the most aromatic and terpene-loaded extracts I’ve ever had the fortune of smell and sampling. Green Dot has a lot of awards under their belt and, going into their fifth year of production, they have a very bright future ahead of them. Look for their concentrates at Life Flower.

Infinite Infusions

Infinite Infusions is a Colorado-based extraction company. They focus primarily on creating products that are natural and consistent. As a provider to locations across Colorado, it can be hard to make sure that your products are universally on par. Trying to get this sort of quality on a larger scale requires a lot of patience and a whole lot of science. Infinite Infusions produces products that will be the same each time you get them. That means that if you find an extract that is either medicinally or recreationally suited to meet your needs, you can expect to receive the same odors, flavors, and sensations next time you pick up a batch. They also have a wide variety of different extracts, that includes options like wax, shatter, and even vape pen cartridges. You can find a variety of Infinite Infusion products on the shelf at Life Flower Dispensary in Glendale.


Cannxtracts is a company that is focused on one goal,Life Flower THC Oil-3 producing superior oils for cartridges and vape pens. Cannxtracts was founded in 2015 and has come a long way in the last couple years. Another Boulder-based extractor Cannxtracts produces a variety of different oils including sativa, indica, and hybrid versions. Their goal is to make cannabis the universally accepted medicinal product that it should be. By crafting a variety of different oils, they are assuring that their products can suit a large array of effects both medicinal and recreational. You can choose from a variety of Cannxtracts cartridges at Life Flower.

Not to overwhelm you, but there are even more amazing concentrates and extracts to choose from when you visit Life Flower. Whether you’re a medicinal patient or a recreational user, Life Flower has the concentrates and extracts that you want on the end of your dab tool. What makes their selection even more exciting is that you can pick out your concentrates even if it’s late at night. Life Flower is open daily until midnight, giving you an extra couple hours after all of the Denver locations have closed. Life Flower is a great stop for all your cannabis concentrate needs. If you’re ready for some dabbing, or maybe just need some oil for the ol’ vape pen, check out Life Flower Dispensary in Glendale’s selection today.

By Jesse Grove

By Jesse Grove

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