Strain Name: NYC Diesel
Strain: Sativa Hybrid
Average THC: 15%
Common Uses: Loss of Appetite, Depression, Anxiety


This award-winning hybrid has a citrusy, grapefruit flavor that produces a powerful high. Users report feeling energized and euphoric with strong cerebral effects. Some may experience mild numbing of the body and a sleepy feeling. This sativa-dominant strain can be great for social activites and “many anxiety-prone consumers praise it for its paranoia-free effects.

Strain Name: SAGE
Genetics:Haze x Afghani
Strain: Sativa Hybrid
Average THC: 20%
Common Uses: Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Loss of Appetite, Inflammation


SAGE stands for Sativa Afghani Genetic, so basically the name says it all. This hybrid strikes a balance between its energizing sativa properties and its soothing indica effects. Its appealing herbal scent and nuanced flavor won in the 2001 Cannabis Cup blind taste test. Users describe a tranquil, lightheaded high this long-lastingt. Aside from its mentally grounding properties, SAGE can also be beneficial for insomnia and chronic pain relief.


Strain Name: Super Lemon Haze
Genetics: Lemon Skunk x Super Silver
Strain: Sativa Hybrid
Common Uses: Depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, Migraines


The genetics of Super Lemo n Haze combine sweet and tart, lemony tastes and aromas that make for a mellow high that begins in the body but flows quickly to the mind.” Users say this hybrid can be great for daytime use to eliminate fatigue, anxiety, and stress. Energetic and social, Super Lemon Haze can be used to regulate mood disorders such as chronic depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

Strain Name: Westcoast Sour Diesel
Genetics: Skunk #1
Strain: Sativa Hybrid
Average THC: 22%
Common Uses: Depression, Loss of appetite, Nausea


This strain is thought to have primarily sativa genetics and as such, its effects are stimulating and cerebral. Its high THC content will have you high before you finishing your first hit. It brings an energetic, uplifting high with little to no body stone. People with lower tolerance should be wary of the potential for paranoia, as the potent high can turn to introspective anxiety. This sativa is recommended for daytime use.

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