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Anxious around the Holidays? Try our Ghost OG, the ultimate holiday stress reliever at Life Flower Dispensary in Denver & Glendale. We are open late!

Written By: Melissa Joy
Published: December 26, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get pretty anxious around the holidays. If you’re in the same boat, you might want to consider scooping some Ghost OG from Life Flower Dispensary. This well-balanced hybrid strain will deliver instantaneous euphoria and will melt away whatever stress or discomfort that comes with the yuletide season.

In my case, Ghost OG makes dealing with the shopping, the traveling, and the excessive amounts of family time a lot more bearable. Testing between 19% – 23% THC, Ghost OG is nice and potent, so don’t plan on sharing with your cousin from out of town who claims he likes to “smoke that loud on the daily,” because he will most likely end up more lit than the Christmas Tree.  It also recently tested at 23.38% for THCa, a non-psychoactive compound of cannabis whose medicinal properties are comparable to those of CBD. It provides amazing relief for inflammation, pain, nausea, and is even known to have neuroprotective abilities, which means it protects dopaminergic neurons against cell death (a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease).

Photo of our Ghost OG. Available at Life Flower Dispensary.

Overall, Ghost OG is a great strain for relaxation, and I recommend indulging during the evening hours. It has a tangy taste that leaves a sweet after note on your taste buds, and the smell is reminiscent of its parent strain OG Kush. Start with a small hit or two, as this ghost is sneaky and will creep up on even the most experienced cannaseur.

Photo of Life Flower Dispensary’s Ghost OG in our grow in Boulder, Colorado.

By Melissa Joy

By Melissa Joy

Melissa grew up and attended college in the suburbs of Chicago before moving to Denver five years ago. Her love for live music led to a blogging position with a production company, which eventually led to a part-time writing position for DOPE Magazine, where she has contributed for over a year now. You can most likely find her taking dabs in the mountains on the weekends, smoking joints at a concert, or longboarding around Denver in search of the headiest craft brews. Melissa is thrilled to be a writing correspondent for Life Flower Dispensary, because it’s one of the few dispensaries in Denver she can always count on for clean, organic, hand-crafted cannabis.