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Life Flower Dispensary, one of Denver’s and Glendale’s Recreational Dispensaries open late every day of the week, has earned a reputation for high-quality recreational weed, cannabis concentrates, and marijuana edibles. We have made it our focus to provide our 21+ customers with a wide selection of soil organic cannabis!

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Grower Owned, Organic Cannabis

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At Life Flower, we exclusively carry organic flower and all of our power comes from green sources. We grow from non-GMO seeds without using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. In addition to doing our part for the environment as a local business, we believe that recreational cannabis users should be confident that the flower they’re smoking is safe, healthy, and free of unwanted chemicals and additives.

We have a wide variety of Cannabidiol (CBD) products, including MMJ topicals and tinctures, edibles and dissolvables, and high-quality concentrates. But more than that, we have a team of experts at our Denver recreational marijuana dispensary who stay late every day to offer our customers guidance on the best recreational weed products for their needs. We welcome your questions and feel confident that we can suggest the best strains for your symptoms, the right edibles for your specific taste, and the perfect concentrates and topicals for a variety in your recreational marijuana.

Our recreational marijuana dispensary in Denver exclusively buys from people who are like-minded and practice the same values we do when it comes to bodily health and our impact on the environment. We pride ourselves on the clean and natural way we grow our plants and believe that organic cultivating makes our flower more flavorful and aromatic. Join us at Life Flower Dispensary for a pure taste of Colorado with recreational cannabis products, grown organically and available for purchase until midnight Sunday through Saturday.

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