Denver Smoking Accessories

Life Flower Dispensary takes pride in providing locally sourced glass and smoking accessories. We carry a wide variety of products from dab rigs, water pipes, hand pipes, chillums, spoons and vaporizers.

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Featured Artists

Life Flower Dispensary is proud to display the Instagram Links to the local artisans that supply us with quality products

<center>PAX Era Devices

PAX Era Devices

<center>Niche Glass

Niche Glass

Life Flower Custom Pipes
<center>Life Flower Glass

Life Flower Glass

At Life Flower Dispensary, you’ll find a range of creative and unique Denver smoking accessories that not only provide a satisfying user experience but also speak to your individual personality. There truly is something for everyone, from pipes and bongs to ornate, handcrafted dab rigs that make a powerful statement. We’re always fascinated by the stunning new designs and enjoy seeing how blown glass can be so unique, and we know that you feel the same way.

We take special care when sourcing our products to find the most one-of-a-kind pieces available, and work with local artisans to discover handcrafted dab rigs, pipes, and bongs that are out of this world. As a local Denver dispensary, we know what our guests mean to us, and because of that, we take pride in supporting other local businesses in and around our Colorado neighborhood. Plus, by working with Colorado artists, we have a selection that is truly unique – allowing you to find functional art for your smoking pleasure. Visit us at our store to check out our wide selection of Denver smoking accessories and find the perfect glass product for your smoking experience.


Inventory is subject to change. Please call or stop by to find your product.