Life Flower Dispensary Loyalty Program in Denver

Life Flower Dispensary is proud to offer our customers the option to become loyalty members, meaning that you can be rewarded just for shopping with us. We have special deals that are exclusive to members because we believe that loyalty goes both ways, and we want you to feel as good about shopping with us as we feel about sharing our high-quality cannabis products with you. Signing up to our dispensary loyalty program in Denver is easy, and there are a whole bunch of reasons why this is something you don’t want to miss out on!

Benefits of Becoming a Denver Dispensary Loyalty Member

Joining our dispensary loyalty program in Denver comes with a lot of perks, and the points that you accumulate will never expire. Save them up for a rainy day, or use them to lower your cost on every purchase. The choice is yours! You’ll also enjoy 100 free points on your birthday every year as our gift to you on your special day, as well as daily deals every week that will help you earn even more points to spend on your favorite cannabis products.

How You Earn Points

Each time you visit us you can enter your check-in details into our iPad platform and the points earned from your purchase will automatically be added to your account. Every check-in is worth 20 points, and you can start enjoying the rewards after only 7 visits! Here’s a rundown of how the points look in terms of rewards:

● 140 points (7 check-ins) will get you a free Penny Joint
● 300 points (15 check-ins) will get you $10 off your flower purchase
● 400 points (20 check-ins) will get you $10 off your edible purchase
● 500 points (25 check-ins) will get you $15 off any cartridge purchase
● 600 points (30 check-ins) will get you 50% off any cartridge purchase
● 800 points (40 check-ins) will get you 50% off any live rosin purchase, or a $0.01 Cannsseur 1/8th!

Get Exclusive Deals in Your Inbox

Our dispensary loyalty program in Denver features the added bonus of exclusive member emails containing extra points as well as member-only deals on our cannabis products. Subscribe to our list and watch your points go up regularly, giving you access to more rewards and a chance to try out some new products.

We have daily deals on all of your favorite organic cannabis products that run every single week.

We have a new Loyalty Program! Earn points by checking in on the iPad platform when you visit Life Flower Dispensary!
Points never expire, and if you had an account with us previously, your points will still be in tact. You will not lose those points.
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