The Cultivation of Life Flower Dispensary

April 29, 2020

The Cultivation of Life Flower Dispensary in Denver

The Start of Life Flower

We all came from somewhere, and at Life Flower Dispensary our story may have begun under a different name, but it started with the same heart to help people that exists today. Our previous Denver dispensary, Emerald Pathway MMJ Dispensary, first opened its doors in August of 2009. That means that in August of 2019, we celebrated a decade of providing the people of Colorado with medical and recreational marijuana products to meet their needs for organic cannabis products!

In fact, we also operated under the name, Medicine Man Medical Market, before our remodel in 2016. Life Flower Dispensary has been growing into its name and expanding into more since the very beginning. With medical and recreational laws constantly changing, our company has learned to be adaptable and ever-expanding.

Why Organic?

We use amended soil and natural organic components for our flower and only the safest and cleanest organic methods to produce the highest quality products possible, and provide our customers with optimal flavor, potency, and organic quality. We have evolved over these past ten years to refine our practice, now proudly offering top-tier medical and recreational marijuana products to meet the needs of the consumers in our area. In a world of ever-changing marijuana laws, rules, and regulations, we believe that’s an accomplishment well worth celebrating. Many marijuana dispensaries have come and gone during the past 10 years, and at Life Flower we are proud to be among those who have survived the turbulence of the cannabis industry and remained to serve the needs of our customers.

The Life Flower Vision

Medical Marijuana

The vision and dedication of John Niforos, our esteemed Owner and President, is responsible for Life Flower, and John deserves much of the credit for our longevity. John has been a caregiver since 2008, starting with just a handful of patients. A family member who suffered most of her life with the debilitating pain of rheumatoid arthritis was behind John’s passion to find a natural cure for her and others who suffer. Because he watched her suffer while western medicine could not treat her symptoms successfully nor help her gain quality of life with her condition, John was motivated to discover a way to help people who deal with pain every day. He discovered that method with medical marijuana and started on his journey. With every person he was able to help John was inspired to help even more, and his goal grew into a medicinal dispensary that is now Life Flower. John enjoys running a business that enables him to grow a much-needed organic product, help people live better quality lives with less pain, and provide a good living for his family. John says, “I have great pride in my work, my product, and what we provide people. Years later I am just as passionate and love what I do!”

Recreational Marijuana

The recreational side of the cannabis business helps many people as well, and not just for recreational reasons. There are lots of health conditions that don’t yet qualify patients for a medical marijuana card, such as insomnia, anxiety, and several stress-related conditions. Yet, these people who benefit just as much from the organic cannabis Life Flower grows, and John’s goal remains to help as many people as possible — regardless of their medicinal marijuana card status. Life Flower has evolved with the changes in the industry, expanding our knowledge of cannabis and its benefits. Recent expansion of our dispensary facility allows greater privacy for our medical marijuana patients, providing them with an intimate, one on one environment where they can privately discuss their needs with our bud tenders. Overall, the recent changes will better accommodate both medical patients and recreational cannabis customers.

The New Dispensary Experience

Life Flower Dispensary strives to provide our customers with the best possible flavor, aroma, potency, and organic quality cannabis products for their medicinal and recreational use. If you’d like to stay up to date on all our special deals, sign up for our newsletter and get the latest on what’s happening at Life Flower Dispensary, your premier Colorado MMJ dispensary in Denver and Glendale.