Cooking with Cannabis

November 16, 2020

You might be wondering, Why cook with cannabis?

Whether you’re cooking with THC infused oils or using flower to make your own oil, cooking with cannabis can be an amazing way to feel its healing powers while opening the door to new culinary experiences. The cannabis plant contains hundreds of terpenes that contribute to abundant flavors and mix well with the flavor profiles in food.

The best part? These terpenes are also responsible for enhancing the high an individual will experience and the health benefits one may see. Some terpenes may promote relaxation and stress relief, while another might foster focus and attentiveness.

For example – You’re smoking on some Strawberry Banana, which contains a high percentage of the terpene, Limonene, in it. This flower pairs perfectly with the limonene found in lemons, oranges, grapefruits and mandarins, so plan accordingly with your meal! Your Strawberry Banana flower might go great in an infused dressing with your fruit salad, or in the lemon juice for your summer pesto recipe! While terpenes affect everyone differently, Strawnana is an indica hybrid, so this strain is perfect for that happy, peaceful high that leaves you creative and aware of the senses.

Something important to note: Cooking with cannabis doesn’t mean you have to get stoned.

Dosing is an extremely important aspect of this process and shouldn’t be overlooked. Make sure you are using a reliable resource to measure dose per serving, especially if you plan to use your own flower. Buying oil that has been tested for THC content and has the dosing prepared for you can be the easiest way to go. You can put as many milligrams as you’d like, but a typical serving can vary from 5mg – 10mg per dose for the average recreational consumer. Once you get the hang of it, feel free to adjust your recipe accordingly.

There are numerous benefits to cooking with cannabis in your meals, including but not limited to:

● Anti-Inflammatory Effects
● Relaxing qualities
● Reduce stress levels
● Relieve pain
● Induce sleep
● Antispastic and antiemetic properties
● Natural, plant-based remedy to avoid otc medications

So, Here’s the Deal: Not only will your infused meal taste unique and memorable at a gathering with your friends, but it can contribute to some great conversation and feelings of euphoria.

Streamline the Process by Learning How to Cook with Cannabis Oil

If you don’t feel that using flower is the route you want to take with your meal, you can avoid the entire decarboxylate process by using products we carry at Life Flower Dispensary! Any meal or dessert that calls for olive oil, coconut oil or butter can be turned into infused, soul-enriching goodness with Olive Oil and Oral Syringes. The great thing about learning how to cook with cannabis olive oil is that you can use the droppers to dose your meal down to have mild psychoactive effects or add more to boost the high.

We carry two kinds of infused Olive Oil at Life Flower Dispensary: Truffle and Extra Virgin by Binske. Binske makes cold-pressed, cannabis infused Olive Oil, sourced from a certified organic olive orchard near Santa Barbara. The Binske bottles we carry contain 100MG THC and are rich with vitamins, antioxidants, and natural anti-inflammatory compounds.

Truffle Olive Oil by Binske

There really is no end to the recipes you can experiment with once you learn how to cook with our cannabis truffle olive oil. Class up your popcorn by drizzling a bit of it on top, use it as a finishing oil on your pizza, add a flair to your hummus, or toss it in with your fries to make any fast food a gourmet snack!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Binske

Use your Binske Olive Oil as a garnish and pour it over any dish to make each bite a memorable one. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be an amazing dressing served on fish, chicken, salads, or any recipe where the natural flavor of olive is desired.

The Real extra virgin olive oil is packed with flavor and freshness that can’t be found in a supermarket. Chock full of vitamins, antioxidants, and natural anti-inflammatory compounds, Binske olive oil will take your meals to the next level.

Whether cooking with cannabis for the first time or refining the perfect recipe, the culinary secret comes down to quality product. Contact the knowledgeable team at Life Flower Dispensary to see what our medical and recreational dispensary has in stock!