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10th April 2017 posted by Jesse Grove

420 Weekend Celebration at a Denver Dispensary

Everybody likes Barbecue. I know that may be a sort of blanket statement that doesn’t cover everyone’s opinions properly, but I still would love to stand by it. I have several friends who are vegetarian and while, of course, they don’t partake in any of the sumptuous grilling meats that I do so adore, that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the event itself. Even if you don’t like the meats there is something about being outside with friends enjoying the sun and the sometimes cooperative Colorado weather. This 420 if you are looking to get out and usher in the spring with, food, fun, and games then you should plan on making a stop by Life Flower Dispensary, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Glendale Colorado for the 420 Weekend Celebration. Life Flower has a lot to celebrate this year, not only are they closing in rapidly on a decade of helping out medicinal marijuana patients, but they are also popping the quark and welcoming in all of their recreational marijuana users to come see their brand new rec side of the dispensary.

Life Flower 420 Weekend Celebration:

This 420 if you’re looking for a spot to swing by, win some prizes, play some games, eat some burgers, and of course buy some cannabis, then you should check out Life Flower Dispensary’s 420 Weekend Celebration. The event goes down from 1-5PM on (you guessed it) April 20th. Not only will the burgers and hot dogs be sizzling on the grill but some of Colorado’s finest vendors are stopping by to hand out some swag and help ring in the 420 celebrations. Irie Weddings & Events will be there to help spread the word about their cannabis friendly event hosting. Incredibles will be handing out all kinds of loot and filling you in on the latest deals and discounts on their award-winning marijuana-infused edibles. Mary’s Medicinals will be handing out gear and information on their pain-relieving topical marijuana products. Stratos has the low-down on the best way to consume marijuana for anyone out there with dietary concerns or anyone that needs a regiment of cannabis that is best taken in pill form. Lastly, I’ll personally be there collecting reviews and giving people spins on the prize wheel to win all sorts of fun Dope Directory loot. This is going to be a hell of a 420 bash, so bring along your appetite and get ready to go home with some epic loot and amazing cannabis!

420 Weekend Celebration at Life Flower Dispensary in Denver

Life Flower 420 Deals:

While the festivities outside may be only taking place on 420 at Life Flower, there is a deal inside happening from 4/20 through 4/23. Simply put, if you like to light up a marijuana joint every now and then, how would you like to pay only a penny for that joint? If you head into life flower anytime on 420 or 420 weekend you can leave with a joint for only one penny with any purchase. That’s a steal if you ask me. Not to plant any ideas in your head, but I feel the perfect combination with a penny joint is some type of edible. Who doesn’t want to smoke a joint after they’ve eaten a marijuana candy bar?

Life Flower Recreational Grand Opening:

This 420 Weekend Celebration is particularly special for Life Flower Dispensary. For over a year now they’ve been working on opening up a second storefront located next to their current location. The time is finally nigh, and the new side is ready for business! The new side to Life Flower Dispensary has been transformed and set up to provide recreational marijuana users a new storefront to make their purchases from. That means that the current side of Life Flower can be transformed back into a medicinal only side, to provide all of Life Flowers patients with a place that they can feel comfortable in and purchase their medicine in a more private setting. This exciting step for Life Flower has been a long time in the making, and is finally ready just in time for 420!

If you’re looking for the perfect laid back celebration this 420, then you should definitely swing by Life Flower Dispensary and join in on all the shenanigans. So even if you’re vegetarian remember that the best part about having a barbecue always ends up being the people and the party, so don’t fret if you’re not a burger eater. If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, however, I know that there is an ample supply of fresh greens inside Life Flower!

Jesse Grove

Jesse Grove

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