Life Flower Dispensary Staff Picks


Green Dot Labs FSE

What the Staff says:
“Pretty much any Green Dot product is super high quality and flavorful. I love all of their products but the Black Label 500mg cartridges are really convenient on-the-go consumption. The fatso or fortissimo are probably my favorite strains.”


Robhots Gummies

Our MED Robhots are available in a few different dosage options. Our lower dosed line is a 500mg pack, with each pack containing ten 50mg pieces and the higher dosed is a 1000mg mixed variety pack of five flavors.

What our Staff says:
“These gummies have a great texture, flavor and are extremely potent. If edibles don’t seem to be strong enough, these will definitely test your tolerance.”

Koala Chocolate Bars

What the Staff says:
“The Koala chocolate bars are SO tasty!! The banana pudding & apple pie flavors are so unique but still give a potent high. We have 100mg Koala bars on the Rec side but those 1000mg Koala bars on the Med side are where it’s at”


The Stash Joints Pack (16pk)

What the Staff says:
“These are so perfect for a quick on-the-go high. I used these on my ski trip and they were so convenient to carry with me. The pack comes with matches and 16 pre-rolled mini joints.”