Sleepless In Cherry Creek; A Denver Insomnia Story – Indica Night Terror OG

Reported from: On The Rise Magazine

Speaking of Night

Insomnia had no way of knowing that there was Night Terror OG in the room.  One  serving in a raw rolling paper left no evidence that anything aside of herbal bliss came into my body and drifted me off to sleep like a lullaby at bedtime.  This new alternative has been replacing the 15 mg of Temazepam that I used to take. Temazepam is the generic for Restoril. Battling anxiety because of my sleeping issues, I explained to my bud tender at Life Flower Dispensary that I really didn’t feel comfortable taking the Xanax that my doctor was prescribing. I’d been taking them for years. I wanted to have a really strong indica instead.

As a MS patient (Multiple Sclerosis) patient, I have opted to no longer be under the mandatory influence of prescription pharmaceutical pills and injections.  I choose LIFE instead of Death. Pharmaceuticals lead to the slow death of our organs/bodies/lives, as do gmo’s and pesticides, etc.  Medicating  with BIG PHARMA alternatives when I must is bad enough, but weaning myself off of it feels fabulous.  Cannabis is known to treat these issues and Night Terror OG is definitely a helpful alternative to two medications right off the top.

Life Flower Dispensary

Less than twenty minutes from Denver, Colorado in a city called Glendale, is Life Flower Dispensary.  Initially named MEDICINE MAN MEDICAL MARKET,  in 2016 the name changed to Life Flower. In my opinion, the name change was a breath of fresh air because, as one supporter advised, the name change was Thankfully done so as not to be confused with Medicine Man Dispensary, and the service providers and excellent level of service didn’t change.  I agree.  It’s an impeccable dispensary.  Because this dispensary initially began as a medical only dispensary, they are especially compassionate with the medical patients. Because they also service recreational clients as well, it’s an overall great dispensary to patronize.

Life Flower is very much committed to being a great business to the community of Glendale, Colorado (on the outskirts Denver), and to the world. Every year there are community events, especially during April during world cannabis week and July ‘s dab/hash/oil celebratory multi-dates. Giving back is something that Life Flower Dispensary is all about, and they are one of the few dispensaries that have early and late night hours (8am-11:45 pm). Located in the heart of Cherry Creek (Denver).

For 420 in 2016, live entertainment, games, prizes, food, and deals were part of the festive time at Life Flower Dispensary. As shown on the photos, there was lots of fun, laughter, and smiles. That is the everyday experience inside of Life Flower, though. Customer Service is a ten at this modest dispensary.

Night Terror OG

Night Terror OG

4.5 Stars - Strain: Night Terror OG | Type: Indica | Dispensary: Life Flower Dispensary

“Strain Highlights from Leafly cannabis website”

Night Terror OG is what you get when you combine Blue Dream with Rare Darkness #1 genetics. This cleverly named hybrid sways heavily toward the indica side of the spectrum, inducing relaxing effects that sink deeper in the body over time. You may find your eyelids feeling heavy before long, but don’t let a name like Night Terror OG fool you: a good night’s sleep is on its way. This 70% indica isn’t necessarily a day-ender, as the OG Kush in Rare Darkness’ genes provides a heady, invigorating buzz that deteriorates stress at the end of a long day. These effects are ushered in by flavors of blueberry and fruit with subtle notes of lemon,pine, and diesel.