The Weed for Warriors Project

We strongly support holistic rehabilitation for veterans and we fight for the cause to advocate for free access to cannabis as medication on a monthly basis.
Active duty service members and military veterans are more than twice as likely to commit suicide as their civilian counterparts are.
Many people get out of the military and are burdened with crippling PTSD and anxiety from such drastic changes in lifestyle.

The WFW organization is run by vets, all of whom work on a volunteer basis.
All money raised goes back into the project to provide medicinal cannabis to vets in need
and have a staff of members who can relate.

Please take a moment to check out the Weed for Warriors Mission statement. Veteran welfare is the ultimate goal.

Life Flower Gives Back

When you buy edibles from brands like


Infinite Infusions,

Med Pharm,

Oh Hi



at Life Flower Dispensary, We donate a portion of the sale to the WFWP! It’s as simple as that.
We currently offer 10% off to all Veterans who shop with us at Life Flower, but we want to give back in a bigger way and be more involved with this community project. We have reached out to the Weed for Warriors Project and are working with members in Colorado,
who plan to keep us updated on upcoming events in the Colorado Chapter.
In the meantime, this November Promotion is our way to get started!
All November- Money from your purchase goes to support our veterans at the Weed for Warriors Project.

Details to be announced soon, so check back!