Life Flower Dispensary Apparel & Accessories for Sale in Denver

Life Flower Dispensary produces original artwork with Colorado artists and manufactures all of our garments with local screening and embroidery shops.

If you live out of State, take a piece of Denver home with you. Unlike medicated product, Life Flower gear will always pass Denver International Airport (DIA) security every time!

Life Flower Dispensary Green T Shirt with Life Flower

If you’re constantly on the lookout for unique and interesting swag, Life Flower Dispensary has multiple options for dispensary apparel and accessories for sale in Denver.

Our logo is meant to be mesmerizing, and it makes a creative statement when displayed on any of our gear. While visiting us in-store, browse through our selection of hoodies, t-shirts, tanks, and hats along with unique stickers that enable you to add personalization to a variety of different spaces. Each of our dispensary’s apparel items and accessories has been designed in conjunction with local artists to achieve a truly creative outcome that you can proudly add to your wardrobe.

The earthy tones connect our apparel and accessories to the Colorado landscape as well as to the products we sell in our store, giving you the opportunity to enhance your look while immersing yourself in the Colorado natural products and cannabis scene. We’re proud to be the go-to dispensary for our Colorado visitors and neighbors and encourage you to explore our apparel and accessories to find the look that will make your experience last.

Get a souvenir that’s a little easier to save than our other cannabis product selections! Visit us at our store from 8:00 AM to midnight any day of the week to check out our dispensary apparel and accessories for sale in Denver.


Inventory is subject to change. Please call or stop by to find your product.