Cannabis wax

is probably the most popular form of concentrate for several reasons. Wax refers to the softer, opaque oils that have lost their transparency after extraction. It is far less sticky than shatter, making it easier to handle or load into a vape, pen or pipe. Shatter is generally more aromatic, flavorful, and potent than wax, which is why you pay more for shatter!

Unlike those of transparent oils, the cannabis wax molecules crystallize as a result of agitation. Just as transparent oils span the spectrum between shatter and sap, wax can also take on different consistencies based on heat, moisture, and the texture of the oil before it is purged (the process in which residual solvents are removed from the product).


As the name suggests, wax concentrates resemble the texture of candle wax. Runny oils with more moisture tend to form gooey cannabis wax, often called “budder,”. The harder oils are likely to take on a soft, brittle texture known as “crumble”; “honeycomb”; or “sugar”. Crumble is typically used to describe wax that is already broken up or crumbled. Honeycomb is used to describe wax that is still intact but is filled with holes like, a honeycomb.

The term “wax” can be used to describe all of these softer, solid textures.


Cannabis concentrates can last up to several months if stored properly. Proper storage means avoiding conditions that cause cannabinoids to lose potency, like light, heat, and moisture. Place in parchment paper and store in a size-appropriate container that is air-tight.

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