Recreational and Medical Cannabis Products

Life Flower Dispensary offers Denver and Glendale a wide range of cannabis products and accessories for your medical or recreational needs. We pride ourselves on our extensive selection and encourage you to explore our product offerings and contact our team to ensure we have your items in stock!

Flower: Med

Find quality medical flower grown organically with locally-sourced ingredients here!

Recreational Cannabis Selections

Flower: Rec

Discover our wide variety of recreational strains for high-quality, organic flower!

Shatter Selections


Explore our recreational and medical selection of potent, organic shatter and sap!

Resin Selections


Find a powerful effect, a distinct flavor, and a potent aroma with live resin extractions!

Cannabis Wax Selections


Whether you’re a fan of budder or sugar, we have a variety of wax to choose from!

Honey Oil Selections


Discover cannabis in its essential, reduced form with our wide variety of Co2 Oils!

Edibles Selections


You’re sure to fulfill your craving with the largest selection of edibles in Denver!

Topicals Selections


Looking for localized relief of pain, soreness, or inflammation? Check out our topicals!

Tinctures Selections


Find an easy and efficient CBD/THC delivery system with our selection of tinctures!

CBD Selections


For a range of benefits without the “high”, check out our selection of CBD products!



Explore our unique selection of locally sourced glass and smoking accessories!

Apparel Selections


Represent your favorite Colorado dispenary with Life Flower apparel and accessories!